Unicorn Cupcakes Anyone?

In which Grace decides to try making "easy" red velvet cupcakes (If Jessica Alba can do it, no reason Grace can't, right?!)

I Decided It’s Baking Time

So last night Lori was already fast asleep and I was not in the mood to veg in front of the TV. I spent some time doing research for our fabulous future bakery and came across this awesome site that gave me so much inspiration! 

Does Jessica Alba look like she can bake? No? I didn’t think so either. So when I saw the famous Fantastic Four and Sin City star giving Divas Can Cook some love, I truly thought that baking something from the site would be a breeze. I’ve only heard good things about Divas Can Cook recipes (by good things I mean good words like “simple,” “easy,” “flop-proof”, and my favorite “goofproof”) AND it comes with videos! I decided to give the (easy) red velvet cupcakes a bash. 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong With a One-Bowl Recipe?

I was really looking forward to the moist and tender cupcakes Monique promised. After the crazy hamster incident when Betty had to bake the same cake three times over to get it to work out okay, I figured that it’s about time for the scales to tip in our favor. We were bound to have at least one baking adventure that goes according to plan. I was hoping that:
1. There would be no hyperactive furry creatures involved in the baking process.
2. I won’t forget to add any of the ingredients.
3. I won’t bake anything that’s a potential weapon (i.e. cupcakes as hard as rocks or pound cake that gives someone the runs for a week).
4. I’ll only have to do the whole process once. You’ve heard the quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
5. Nobody will have a nosebleed and bleed into the batter (yes, this happened, don’t ask).


I got my biggest bowl and mixer out and even pre-heated the oven and prepped my cupcake baking pans complete with liners – beautiful sparkly ones. Here we go… Sugar and oil, then eggs, buttermilk and vanilla extract. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! And that’s when I went from “Whoop!” To “Whoops!” In my excitement, I didn’t check if I had all the ingredients before I started and realized I only had a little bit of red coloring left. A “facepalm” moment of note. What to do? I was so sure that this would be “the one” 100% perfect bake. I had to make it work. Run to the shops or make a plan fast.

Purple Is the New Red 

Since it was already past the witching hour, the shops were not an option and I was adamant about not leaving out anything. I found some blue food dye and topped up the red with it. Pablo Picasso famously said, “If I don’t have red. I use blue.” As long as I have all the measurements right, right? Well, at least the cupcakes turned out moist and tender as promised so I got the velvet part right. As for the “red” part, well, that would need some work next time around. 

Betty popped in this morning and noticed that I looked a bit nervous about the cupcakes I baked. She said, ‘It’s okay Grace, there’s nothing a cupcake and some coffee can’t solve.’ Don’t tell her they’re meant to be red velvet, she thinks I made purple unicorn cupcakes especially for her!

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