BSGR Bake—The Chocolate Avocado Adventure

I had thought I heard it all till I heard about chocolate avocado cake. Thanks to my oldest for saving me from a vegan fiasco.

Have You Ever Heard of Chocolate Avocado Cake?

After the honey cake fiasco, I was ready to dive into something rad. Something that would wipe out the memories of that day.

My order of authentic chai tea finally arrived. I was enjoying a steaming cup along with a small piece of chocolate, daydreaming about a perfectly organized and clean kitchen. I was in heaven.

My trip down fantasy lane was interrupted by my husband calling from work. He wanted to invite a new colleague and his wife for dinner the next night. “No problem,” I told him, thinking that I better get to work on this new creation. Before he hung up the phone, he mentioned, “by the way, they’re vegans.”

They’re Vegans

Vegans, well this will be different, but exciting in a good kind of way. I began to think about some of my favorite dairy dishes, like spinach ricotta and pumpkin-brie infused ravioli. I was busy looking for a dessert to match.

My oldest, Goldi, came home and began to tell me about a project that was due the next day. I didn’t have time to get into a discussion about the benefit of planning ahead and not stressing your parents! I suggested we go together to the supermarket to pick up what I needed for a vegan dinner and we could get the supplies she needs too. “Why a vegan dinner?” she asked. “Your father invited his new colleague and his wife to come here for dinner. They’re vegans.”

“So, what are you making?” Goldi asked. “My famous spinach ricotta and this dreamy triple layer chocolate cream cake.”

This is where things started to go down the rabbit hole.

“You can’t make that,” she said.
“Why not?”
“Because they’re vegans.”
“Vegans are not the same as vegetarians.”
“Says who?”
“Vegans don’t eat milk, cream, cheese, and eggs.”

Well, this was totally upending my plans. No cheese, no eggs, no dairy.

“Oh dear, what will I make for them??”

“Make avocado toast,” Goldi said. 
“Avocado toast?”
“Yeah, avocados are THE thing today,” she said. How did she know that, I wondered.


I flipped through my recipes again and settled upon a zucchini-based dish that everyone always loves and a divine salad with lots of fruits and nuts. I would skip the cheese and add some roasted sweet potato instead.

Now…dessert, the most important part of any meal. Is it only me who thinks this way?

For this, I had to turn to one of my favorite baking websites. I plugged in “vegan chocolate dessert” in the search box and miracles of miracles, there is a chocolate avocado cake! I couldn’t believe it. I could give them avocados and still have my chocolate. Life does not get much better. 

Goldi and I made a quick trip to the supermarket and then to the discount store to buy what she needed for her school project. We ran into Grace who looked like she had been through a tornado. She was in the middle of trying a new recipe and had run out of key ingredients. Her face was in panic mode. I mentioned the chocolate avocado cake, which did cause a slight pause in her stride, but I think she thought I was joking.

Chocolate Avocado Cake

I decided to make the cake that evening, so I would have time to do everything else the next day. I wanted to impress my husband’s new friends.

The recipe was easy, especially since there are no eggs nor butter. I was jazzed. You throw everything into the bowl, including mashed avocadoes, cocoa, white wine (wine is good in everything!), sugar of course, and a cup of orange juice. This time I was not going to forget the baking soda and baking powder! I had both boxes sitting out right next to the bowl.

This was not guacamole or avocado toast. But the aroma was wonderful, and I found myself drifting back into a dream world of a clean house and orderly kids as I waited for the cake to come out of the oven.

So far, everything is on track…a very unusual and short-lived development in this household.

For Vegans Only 

The next day, I organized, cleaned, made the zucchini dish and salad, threatened the kids if they didn’t pick up all their stuff and was ready in record time for my husband and our guests. After they arrived and we made the customary small talk we sat down to eat. I told them how much fun it was for me to create some new dishes for our vegan guests.

“Who’s a vegan?” they asked. 

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