What’s More Fun than Funfetti?

In which Grace decides to make a funfetti cake, but with a sparkly twist.

Unleash Your Inner Sparkle and Throw Glitter in the Air Like You Just Don’t Care! 

If baking is your idea of fun, what can be more fun than funfetti cake? It’s like combining two of the best things on earth: rainbows and cake! Every time I make it, it looks so good, it’s always a winner at Lori’s bake sales. The only problem is, I’ve only ever baked a funfetti cake from a box mix so although it always looks fabulous, it’s often so dry we end up looking like a bunch of alpacas chewing on a large bag of Skittles. On top of that, it leaves that nasty artificial, bitter aftertaste, YUCK. So when I came across this recipe for super-moist funfetti cake I had to try it out. 

Thank goodness I decided to go through the recipe to check whether I had all the ingredients (and in the right measurements). 

I Had Zero Sprinkles in the House 

And it was minutes away from closing time at the supermarket. 

After making a mad dash to get there, not even taking the time to take my apron or my meowgical slippers off, I ran into Betty who was going on about baking cakes with avocados. Huh? I didn’t have time to figure out if she’s finally totally lost it so, with a mildly worried wave, I rushed off to the baking aisle in search of sprinkles. I’d check in with her later. There was not a single jar in sight. Holy Tootsie Roll! Did everybody decide its funfetti cake day today? 

Then it dawned on me. I was just not meant to bake a cake with sprinkles on that particular day. But without sprinkles, it’s just a plain vanilla cake and that definitely won’t do in the Roberts house where we bake unicorn cupcakes and make fabulous concoctions filled with glamour and GLITTER! 

I had a plan. 

The Answer Was Glitter

My Grandma used to say people who have a glitter in their eye are the ones who see the magic in everything. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I have a thing for magic. And I’m crazy about anything that sparkles. I love shiny, glittery things so much that I can’t resist shopping for it, like my rainbow magic boots and an assortment of edible glitter I bought online a while ago and completely forgot about. Clearly I was born to sparkle spectacularly on this day. 

Goodbye Bitter Box Cake, HELLO Glitter!

My first instinct was to unleash my inner sparkle, go all-in and put a ton of glitter in the batter. But before getting carried away I spent some time with my old friend Google and soon learned that this is a very bad idea. Instead, I decided to bake the cake according to the recipe and then dump all my glitter in colorful lines on the buttercream icing while it was still wet. Then I made swirls, kind of like Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting but in rainbow colors. It worked so well and I had my rainbows after all!

Pop, Fizz, Clink!

And we have a winner! Bring out the sparkling wine ladies and gentlemen… and get ready to eat glitter for breakfast, it will make you shine all day long! My glitterfetti cake turned out simply stunning and the recipe was spot-on. Everybody had a delicious, super-moist slice of happiness on a plate. The most fun funfetti cake ever.

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