BSGR Blog—Get All Your Greens in a Cake Full of Zucchini

After Grace Roberts puts on some weight, she decides to diet. The idea behind her grand method? Making a chocolate zucchini cake, of course.

When Grace Made an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Chocolate Cake With a Bag of Zucchini

You know when you have a favorite pair of jeans and it’s your go-to outfit, no matter how “fat” you feel or where you’re going? You put them right on with your favorite t-shirt and sneakers and you’re ready to roll or spice it up with a funky top and some accessories for a night out. Well, my favorite go-to jeans shrunk last week, I kid you not. I managed to get them on, but just barely and my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head in the process!

I asked my husband Rob if the jeans make my butt look fat. He said: “No Grace, it’s the Ben & Jerry’s that makes your butt look fat honey”. Bless his cotton socks, I love the man, but I wanted to beat him with a cucumber right then. I guess it was time to face the facts—too much Cherry Garcia and Phish Food have taken their toll. Not to mention the Truffle Kerfuffle and the Urban Bourbon. Why do they keep bringing out new flavors!?

I Knew It Was Time

Time to REFRAIN (from eating junk) and REDUCE (my expanding derrière).
But what about cake? Not having cake would be a catastrophe! To try to get the thought of soft, squishy, melt-in-your-mouth, delicious culinary confections out of my mind, I decided to go to the market to shop for veggies. Exciting! Not. Came back with a bag of zucchini and no idea what I’m going to do with it.

When you see all those images of slim and trim ladies in the media, they always look ridiculously happy. Huge smiles and perky everything. Even the yummy mommies (gorgeous stay-at-home moms with rich husbands) who drop their kids off at school always look like they swallowed a sunbeam—they’re just so freaking happy. Dieting can’t possibly be meant to make you miserable, right? But not eating cake makes me really miserable. That’s when I remembered that vile concoction Betty was suggesting: avocado chocolate cake.

On a Mission to Make Guilt-Free Cake!

I decided to make a cake with vegetables. I called Betty to ask for a recipe and she just laughed and laughed. I eventually had to put the phone down. But that’s okay, I found a great recipe for chocolate zucchini cake on the My Baking Addiction blog. Jamie is my kind of gal! Her recipe was simple, so baking the cake was a breeze. And it was DELICIOUS! Maybe this dieting thing is for me after all… When Rob came downstairs to see what was causing the glorious smells wafting up and I told him of my fabulous idea, he also just laughed and laughed. What’s wrong with everyone?!

Just Pretend It’s Guilt-Free, Okay?

Zucchini is a vegetable. Vegetables are diet food. My cake has a ton of zucchini in it. It’s true, check out the recipe. There’s also chocolate coconut zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini muffins, and lemon zucchini cake. This diet is going to be great!

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