Trick, Treats, and Zombie Finger Cookies

Grace Roberts loves Halloween so much and she’s so good at it that she ends up scaring the living daylights out of people, even before it's Halloween.

Delightfully Dreadful Baking at its Best

Move over Christmas! And the Easter Bunny can hop in another direction for all I care. This Mama’s favorite festive day is Halloween! I just looove spooky stuff and 31 October is the one day of the year I can go to town with the creep factor. Trick or treating at my house is the closest thing we get to competitive sports so every year I try my best to concoct creepy treats for family and friends.

Is Betty Batty? Or Am I the Bizarre One?

In years gone by I’ve made Butterfinger batwings, eerie Jelly Belly eyeballs, and all kinds of spooky sweet treats. I once made bleeding heart cakes which frightened my mother-in-law so badly we had to rush her to the emergency room for heart palpitations!
When it comes to Halloween treats, I’m beginning to find it hard to outdo myself from year to year. Rob says he wishes he was a vampire so he could climb into his coffin until Halloween is over and I stop being so batty. Betty just rolls her eyes and reaches for more chocolate – she should really look into that addiction. But she says I should rather look at my disturbing addiction to scary stuff.


This year, I’ve been more obsessed with zombies than ever before. With so many amazing zombie shows out there like The Walking Dead (TWD), Fear the Walking Dead, Z Nation, and Black Summer, how can I not be? I ponder on questions like: Are babies who are born after the apocalypse immune to the virus? Could walkers (zombies) be the opposite of vampires and get their energy from the sun? I don’t know what I’d do if I ran out of zombie shows to watch. To celebrate Halloween and the start of Season 10 of TWD, I thought it would be a great idea to make some zombie finger cookies!

Time for Bloodcurdling Baking

The zombie finger cookies are made of shortbread, which is pretty simple to make, and with these tricks, it’s easy to perfect:

  • Make sure the butter is at room temperature.
  • Use unsalted butter for the best flavor.
  • Always chill the dough for around 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
  • “Pat” your dough into shape instead of rolling it, but only if you have cool hands.

I decided on these cookies because I thought it would be a fun and easy recipe with a fear factor of 10 out of 10. Betty and I and our kids got together and I whipped up the dough and split it so we could each roll our own zombie fingers. Lori had a whale of a time trying to make her zombie fingers look like her own hand! After all the fingers were shaped and the knuckles were scored for added realism, we chilled them in the fridge before baking.

As we waited for the cookies to bake and cool down, I took out some paper and pencils so everyone could design their Halloween pumpkin carvings. Betty’s oldest, Goldi, drew a butterfly… My Lori suggested adding fangs to make it look more menacing. Definitely her mother’s daughter!

Our Fingers Begin to Take Spine-Chilling Shape

It was all going so well, I thought decorating the zombie fingers would also be fun for everyone. I melted the candy melts and Betty started piping it onto the fingertips ready for the almond “nail” to be attached. Goldi was responsible for attaching the “nails.” Lori’s job was to carefully dip the severed part of the fingers into the candy melts for a bloody effect. Then it was my turn to make it look more realistic by brushing cocoa on. The plan was for Betty’s youngest to move the finished fingers from the workspace onto serving plates, ready to thrill and chill starving skeletons, peckish poltergeist, and famished fiends on Halloween. But as it often is, things don’t always go according to plan. Betty’s little one let out a series of bloodcurdling screams! What happened? Was she hurt?

The Poor Little Girl Was Terrified

Once they were finished, our zombie fingers must have looked too real and too scary. Thank moonlit monsters and mausoleums I found some chocolate ice cream in the freezer. It was the only thing that could calm the poor little thing down! I guess some of us are fluffy bunny types of girls and others are into the more macabre like goblins, ghosts and ghouls. That’s okay, there’s room for all sorts of people in the world and at least most of them like cookies, maybe just not ones shaped like zombie fingers!

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