Who Says Halloween Can’t Be Every Day?

This is what happens when Grace refuses to accept that Halloween is over and decides that she needs a bit of blackness to brighten up her day.

Make It Black Cupcakes, Please

After all the freakish fun over Halloween, I felt kind of deflated. Yeah, I know Christmas is around the corner but it’s just so red and green, you know? And only one guy gets to dress up: Santa. If you’re lucky there are some elves and reindeer suits around but overall it’s a pretty boring holiday. If it wasn’t for Lori and presents (and lots and lots of food!) I’d give it up. Like, what’s with the red and green, seriously!?

Black, Blacker, Blackerer, Blackest!

I love black, it’s my favorite color. And for those who say that black is not a color… you just haven’t found the right shade of it yet. Did you know that there is Alien Black, Black Pearl, Licorice, Black Bean, Pot Black, and of course just good old black. And that is just to mention a few! Thank goodness the world is catching on… If you’ve been following the trends, like I do, you’ll have noticed a most welcome onslaught of goth-inspired black edibles in culinary trends. From Bat Black pizza to Pitch Black lemonade, Carbon Black ice-cream, and of course cake that’s blacker than the devil’s soul. As you can imagine, I am in my element and more than ready to explore and invent new ways to bring blackness into our bellies.

So I Asked Sarah

The Ask Sarah blog is one of my favorites. She is a self-professed crazy cat lady who loves caramel and shares my sentiment that a woman can never, ever have too many shoes and that Halloween is the BEST holiday. So it was no surprise that I found a recipe on her blog for black cupcakes. The recipe promised to be spooktacular and easy as sin to make. It also required activated charcoal instead of food dye. Since I’m on a healthy food mission, and activated charcoal is super healthy, this was IT! I even had some on hand, so no crazy runs to the store to get emergency ingredients this time around.

I did have to pop over to Betty for some dark chocolate though. It took a while, and a promise of a few very chocolatey cupcakes, for me to convince her to hand over some of her secret stash. After all these years, can you believe that Betty actually expects me to believe her when she says, “I don’t have any chocolate in the house Grace, I promise!” Said the woman who forever destroyed the concept of a lemon meringue by putting “chocolate swans” on top of it!

Warning: Things Are About to Get Dark…

To get ready for the bake-off, Lori and I got dressed in all black, complete with black aprons and black nail varnish, and we put The Specials – Ghost Town on full-blast, on repeat. Then we whipped up the batter in no time. The recipe was super simple and we had a great time making it, taking the blackness to the extreme.
Lori found some black cupcake liners and also dug up some edible black glitter left from the assortment of edible glitter I bought a while back and used in my Funfetti cake instead of the sprinkles. She even came up with a brilliant plan for us to try baking black bagels next, can you imagine? Black bagels with beetroot hummus, guacamole, and black sesame seed. I think I just drooled as I wrote that! What a fantastic idea – my Baby Bat Lori was turning into a proper little baker! #proudmom

Oh Looky! It’s So Spooky!

Lori’s new kitten Pitch pitched up in the kitchen and promptly pawed her way through the charcoal powder. Okay, when I said I wanted to bring “blackness into our home” I didn’t quite mean it to be this extreme. We now have black powder all over the house. All. Over. The. House. Don’t tell anyone, but part of me kind of enjoyed that, it’s like our witchy little furry friend sprinkled a little bit of black magic all over the house. (She is Lagoon Black, by the way.)

DISCLAIMER: If you are inspired by my black cupcake baking spree and plan to give it a go, please remember, as healthy as what activated charcoal is, it also cancels out medication you may be taking. So if you’re on birth control, watch out. You may be charming your Instagram followers with gorgeous black baked goods this week but in a couple of weeks, it could be more like, “Surprise! I’m pregnant because I ate too many black cupcakes!” Please don’t blame me if you procreate.

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