Chocolate Goes With Everything, Right?

When Betty finds a recipe for chocolate sriracha cheesecake, she knows it will be either the worst thing she ever made or the best.

My Late-Night Adventure with Chocolate and Sriracha

I’ve been feeling braver in the kitchen since my adventure with chocolate avocado cake and Grace’s successful chocolate zucchini cake. So, when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a chocolate sriracha cheesecake, I was a bit intrigued.

Chocolate, of course, is more than okay with me, but sriracha? This would either be the grossest thing I ever made or the most brilliant.

Timing Is Everything

I’d had a hectic week, and the weekend was no different. By Sunday evening, the kitchen was a mess, which always gets me s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d out, and the kids took forever to fall asleep. To calm my nerves, I decided that this was a good night for a spicy chocolate sriracha cake.

I called Grace, the queen of adventurous baking escapades, for moral support, but she didn’t pick up. What was she doing on a Sunday night, why wasn’t she answering? “Don’t panic,” I told myself. I decided to plunge forward without her.

The kids finally asleep, I searched for the bottle of sriracha in the back of my fridge, which I had bought ages ago for a chicken recipe. I popped it open and it smelled fine, so I was on track with my plan.

A Piece of Cake

The recipe wasn’t too complicated. Definitely easier than the pumpkin cheesecake chocolate brownies I made last month. It certainly started out normal enough – some biscuits and butter to make the base, followed by melting some decadent 70% dark chocolate over a double boiler. I may or may not have taken a few spoons of said chocolate for myself before mixing it with the other stuff.

The other ingredients, of course, is where it gets interesting. Different cheeses, syrup, a pinch of cayenne butter, and the wonderous sriracha. I threw everything into the food processor and blitzed until smooth. “I should start my own cooking show!” I thought, feeling pretty good as I poured the batter from the food processor seamlessly into the springform pan.

Some Shortcuts Aren’t Worth It

I put the cake in the fridge as per the instructions and moved onto the final step of the process, which was melting more chocolate with cayenne pepper. By that time, I was pretty exhausted, the mess in the kitchen had grown, and I was ready to crawl into bed. I decided to take a shortcut and melt the chocolate in the microwave instead of a double boiler.

Maybe it’s because I was tired or because the clutter was making my head spin, but somehow, I accidentally set the timer on the microwave for 300 seconds instead of 30 seconds, and well, you can guess what happened. Grace chose that moment to call me back, and I told her my sad story.

“Forget about it!” she said. “You can live without the topping. I’m just so excited that you tried such an interesting recipe — save me a piece!”

“What if it’s terrible?” I asked.

“I’ll be the judge of whether it’s terrible or not. Save me a piece!”

Grace’s enthusiasm lifted my spirits a little, but I was tired and grumpy that I wouldn’t get to have a piece of cake till morning (it needed time to set in the fridge.) So as hard as it was to leave the recipe unfinished, I decided to heed her advice and forego the topping. I left the cake in the fridge and grabbed some chocolate from my secret arsenal to munch as I tidied the kitchen. Eating chocolate before bed, you ask? Of course. It’s never too late for chocolate!

Morning Surprise

I must have left the cake in the refrigerator uncovered since I planned to add the topping that never made it. So in the morning, you can imagine how delighted my kids were to find a delicious-looking chocolate cake in the fridge. As I walked down the stairs, I heard Goldi taking it out of the fridge with oohs and aahs. Should I warn her and the others that it wasn’t a typical chocolate cake? I decided to let them find out for themselves.

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