BSGR – We Love Baking!

(but Baking Doesn’t Quite Love us Back)

It all started on a rainy day. It was raining so hard they couldn’t take the kids to the park, which was their usual Sunday morning escape. Betty and Grace were forced to remain indoors with a bunch of bored kids on a sugar high (yes, Sunday is treat day.) The kids ran wild. Of course, Betty and Grace were forced to tuck into mimosas. They had no choice, did they? It turned out to be a fun morning after all.

Until the Sugar Wore Off

The little people began demanding cookies. Betty and Grace thought, “why not?” They cranked up the tunes, put some aprons on, and baked up a storm. And so, the two moms discovered:

Clinking Cake Pans and Flying Flour is Fun!
The only problem is they mostly suck at baking. Even though the first attempt was relatively successful (the kids ate everything!), most of their bake-offs turned out as fantastic failures. This blog is dedicated to keeping the dream of two moms becoming brilliant bakers alive.

Who is Betty?

Betty Stein is a firm believer that cocoa beans were put on earth as nature’s way of making up for Mondays. She loves everything chocolate and even tried super-hot Mexican chili because she heard it had chocolate in it. Betty is a doting (though maybe sometimes slightly frazzled) mom whose pastime is to bravely hide how often she is overwhelmed and just a tad hysterical. Nevertheless, her house is almost always spotless, and she tries her best to be a gracious hostess.  

Betty’s secret vice: She gets up in the middle of the night to sneak downstairs where she watches the Food Channel and eats the chocolate she hides away from her family.

vour: There is only one real flavour: chocolate.

Go-to bake-off song: Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl

Quote: Life is short, eat that cake!

Who is Grace?

Grace Roberts is hopelessly addicted to sprinkles, star cake toppers, and anything with peanut butter in it. To be honest, she is known as the neighborhood’s “weird mom.” Grace secretly wishes she could one day open up a cake shop and she often doodles shop names and logos. So far, she thought of Cake My Day, Earthquake Cakes, Muffin Top, The Rolling Scones, Confection Connection, Flour Power, or simply We Sell F*cking Cakes.

Grace’s secret vice: Pretending to have IBS so she can hide away from her kids in the toilet to read old Westerns.

Favourite flavour: It’s between wasabi and pistachio. Probably not together, but who knows?

Go-to bake-off song: Goo Goo Muck – The Cramps

Quote: Dessert is like a feel-good song and the best ones make you dance!


Grace thinks Betty is too hard on herself, and her house has too much pink fluffy stuff and unicorns in it. Betty thinks Grace is super weird but has terrible taste in music.

They really like each other though and they love their joint epic kitchen adventures.

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